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New Blog!!!!

I have started a small web design business. For all those who would like to follow my regular blog...check it out:
See you there!  

Check this out! Author of the Lemony Snicket series is going cross country with a bookmobile!!!

It's been a while LiveJournal, but I haven't forgotten about you.

I applied and was accepted to San Jose State University's online Masters in Library Science program! I am in the midst of my first semester and I have absolutely no shame in whining.

GRADUATE SCHOOL HURTS. So I keep pinching myself hoping that it's true that if you feel pain in one place, you can't feel it in another.

A couple of points I'd like to make (and ideas for others who haven't started their program yet) Especially if you are taking an online program.

1. If you are like me and you get easily frustrated, impatient and whiny about having to learn a lot of theory, (I like to get my hands dirty, get in there and fix the books, help the patrons, disarm the bomb...etc) then these words of advice are VERY important for YOU. TAKE A CLASS YOU KNOW YOU WILL LOVE WITH A CORE CLASS. I made the mistake of taking two core classes my first semester, when I did have the opportunity to take one core class with an elective. If you can do this, DO IT! I wouldn't be crying so much this semester if I had one core class and one class on children's literature.

2. Because San Jose is now a "global campus" and I am in North Carolina, I don't get a chance to kvetch about class with my fellow students. When you do group projects, get the facebook usernames for your team members. Being able to communicate with them informally, makes school seem more friendly and fulfilling.

3. Do what you can, within the standards of human decency to find volunteer work in a library. I have been having an awful lot of trouble finding work and volunteer work in libraries here in North Carolina. I am new in town here and I need a way to connect. Online school has me staring at a computer all day long, I long to touch real books, smell mold and dust, listen to the complaints of the patrons.

Although I have been making connections with students in the SJSU program, they are in California and mostly many miles West of me. I have recently decided to apply to the two schools near where I have just moved in order to pursue an in-person MSLS program. UNC Chapel Hill and NCCU in Durham. I am taking the dreaded GRE in one week. If I am not admitted to either school, I will continue with SJSU, as I do think that the program is modern and well organized.

And for all those naysayers out there that think SJSU is a diploma mill, I would LOVE for you to try and get through the amount of reading that us online students with SJSU have to do. Then, let's see how much you "love" reading.

SJSU's program is comprehensive AND challenging. If it weren't for my need to connect and get to leave my house, I would have no issues with SJSU.

Stay tuned for more updates as the semester rolls on.....

Google Books

Google has been digitizing books for some time and putting them in their online library for everyone to read. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this due to copyright protections and author's rights....etc.

Google has recently come to an agreement for different types of books. Books out of copyright will be available for the public to read and print in full. Books out of print will be made available online only through the permission of the author and can be purchased. In-print books will show a preview and guide the reader to where to buy the book.

I think it's so fascinating and I'm so excited that I can go on google and look up old classics, print them or make a pdf and send it to my palm device (or iphone) and read it!


A personal library

I don't know anyone who has a large personal library. I absolutely do not know anyone who has a personal library like what you are about to see:


I wish I could go on vacation there. Like a library bed and breakfast.
Thanks to the librarygrrrls livejournal.

Librarian by My Morning Jacket

What is a Librarian?

What is a Librarian?

Scott Nicholson is a Library Scientist and Library Science professor at Syracuse University. This is his brief overview of what a librarian is. He's silly and very informative. He has a very progressive expectation for modern libraries, including video games. I find his ideas interesting.

In addition, here is his site: http://scottnicholson.com/ He also has a livejournal which you can access through a link at the top of his site.
I'm in my senior year of undergrad and have been doing a lot of research about schools in the Northeast where I live. What is the deciding factor for you in choosing a school in your area?

Also, where are you from and are you considering any other careers than library science? If so, what are they?



Can't help myself but not to share

I apologize in advance to those of you who are also on the Library_Mofo group. I am re-posting a youtube video that was posted on the Library_Mofo group. I can't help myself. It's too funny.

Just awesome.